Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Resident and nonresident Maine hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased at the Town of Holden. 

If you are under the age of 16 you are not required to have a fishing license and you do not need an adult with you. However, you are required to have a Junior Hunting License and be accompanied by an adult in order to hunt. A Hunter Safety Course is required before you can purchase your adult Hunting License. The first time you obtain your adult hunting license make sure you bring proof you attended a Hunter Safety Course. An Archery Course is also required if you do not have a previous Archery License. It is wise to take the course as early as possible to familiarize yourself with the laws.

Following are a list of licensing fees:

* includes Agent Fee

Outdoor Partners $15.00
Superpack  $202.00*
Fall/Spring Turkey  $22.00*
Coyote Night Hunt $6.00*
Fishing and Hunting Combination $45.00*
Fishing and Archery Combination (new) $45.00*
Fishing, Hunting and Archery (separate) $27.00*
Military Fishing and Hunting Combination  $5.00*
Military Dependant Combination $22.00*
Military Dependant Hunting $12.00*
Military Dependant Fishing   $12.00*
Small Game License $17.00*
Over 70 Lifetime $8.00
Junior Hunting $9.00*
Resident Bear Hunting Permit
(required to hunt bear when it is not hunting season for deer) 
Crossbow $27.00*
Pheasant Stamps  $18.00*
Duck Stamps $7.50*
Muzzleloading Stamps $14.00*
Archery  $27.00*
Exp Archery Antlerled $34.00*
Exp Archery Antlerless $14.00
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